ZVT Video: A new-generation lightweight scrubber

Pilot Scrubber is evaluating, implementing & operating a lightweight scrubber. The project is presented today at the MoS Conference in Gothenburg. Watch the new project video here.

The aim of the Pilot Scrubber EU project is to evaluate a new-generation lightweight scrubber technology by installing and operating a full scale scrubber on a vessel operating in the Baltic Sea. Focus lies on salinity and winter conditions with ice as well as on waste handling.

Results so far

The first scrubber (for TransAtlantic’s TransTimber) will be installed soon. The TransTimber is docked in Öresund Drydocks, Landskrona, for installation of the scrubber equipment and the scrubber plant will be in operation by December. For the second scrubber (Wagenborg’s) the decision of scrubber make will be made before the end of the year.

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