Preem offers discounted port tariffs for environmentally efficient ships and "early movers"

In order to encourage a move towards greener shipping, the Swedish Shipowners' Association, among others, is running a project on the Zero Vision Tool platform with the goal that ports, for a limited period between 2015 and 2018, are to offer a discount for vessels that meet certain environmental criteria.

The Port of Gothenburg has already embraced this and now Preem is offering a discount for vessels bound for Brofjorden. This means that Preem provides:

1) 10% discount on port tariffs for vessels achieving a "green level" in the Clean Shipping Index*.

2) 20% discount on port tariffs for vessels running on LNG.

By doing this, we hope to help to put pressure on other ports, so that they follow our example, and to motivate owners to register their vessels in CSI and take environmental measure to attain a certified "green level".

* The Clean Shipping Index (CSI) is one environmental index of several on the market. The shipowners register their vessels directly into the system, and an assessment is made regarding how environmentally efficient the vessel is. Preem has been involved in the design of CSI from the start (2007), which is why we now want to take the opportunity to promote the index.

Preem's representative on the board is Captain Greta Hjelte Berndolf, Preem Vetting.

Contact information: greta.hjelteberndolf [at], mobile +46 70 450 1098

Released today at the Motorways of the Sea Conference in Gothenburg