Oceans and Society: suggestions for a healthier marine environment

Zero Vision Tool was presented at the annual conference "Oceans and Society" hosted by the Swedish Institute for the Marine Environment.

"Hav och samhälle" (Oceans and Society) is an annual conference arranged by the Swedish Institute for the Marine Environment. This years edition provided both visionary and practical suggestions on how to improve the work to achieve a healthier marine environment.

One of the conclusions drawn during the two days, was that in order to succeed there has to be a political will to act. The impact on the ocean begins in the community and successful marine environment efforts therefore require dialogue with many stakeholders, both those directly and indirectly affecting the ocean. Another issue that was highlighted was how important it is to monitor and evaluate the measures taken in order to know how well they work and be able to get the most out of the money invested.

Carl Carlsson presented Zero Vision Tool at the event. Read his comments and view his presentation here (in Swedish only)

Read more about the conference here (in Swedish only)