ErikThun AB (part of JIP LSR) awarded

Anders Källsson, president and co-owner of Erik Thun AB, was awarded with the Enterprise Medal by the Swedish Royal Patriotic Society (Kungliga Patriotiska Sällskapets Näringslivsmedalj), in Stockholm  23 April 2015. The Royal Patriotic Society has since 1700 supported the development of Swedish industry.

Photo: Vilhelm Stokstad
Erik Thun AB is part of JIP LNG Sea River (LSR) together with Ferus Smit and Lloyd’s Register. The main activity of JIP LSR is to design and build a dry cargo vessel with LNG as fuel without losing cargo carrying capacity. The vessel is the first dry cargo vessels with LNG powered propulsion in the world and will be delivered late 2015. The project supports the investment in, and development of, the LNG infrastructure in the Baltic Sea region. This is done via the EU co-financed Motorways of the Sea project Pilot LNG where six JIPs collaborates to establish an LNG bunkering infrastructure. It includes all components required to ship LNG from the gas supplier to the LNG terminal, from the terminal to the bunker vessel, and from the bunker vessel to the LNG fuelled vessels.

The Enterprise Medal

The medal is the Royal Patriotic Society honors for outstanding entrepreneurship. The medal was presented by Prince Daniel at the Royal Patriotic Society's annual celebration on 23 April 2015. 

Gustav III signed the Royal Patriotic Society Constitution in 1772. The Enterprise Medal is awarded to awards individuals who through their successful entrepreneurship significantly contributed to the development of Swedish industry.

Images: Royal Patriotic Society/Vilhelm Stokstad