The issues that the projects (JIP/JAP/JUP) are unable to solve themselves are raised to the Zero Vision Tool reference group, ZVTREF, to ensure that common sustainable solutions can be identified.

ZVTREF consists of agencies, administrations and industry representatives. Together they have defined the following expectations for the work carried out on the ZVT platform:

  • Identify more energy efficient transport solutions

  • Contribute to the development of environmentally efficient alternatives in close cooperation with the industry

  • Promote knowledge sharing between industry, trade, government and society

  • Present support for decision making to reach long-term sustainable solutions

ZVTREF members: the Swedish Maritime Administration, the Swedish Transport Administrationthe Swedish Environmental Protection Agencythe Swedish Transport AgencySwedish Agency for Marine and Water ManagementSwedish Energy Agency, Swedish County Administrative Board, Association Ports of Sweden and Swedish Shipowners’ Association.

ZVTREF observers and advisers: Swedish Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communication and Swedish Ministry of the Environment.

Moderator: ZVT