ZVT Communications

The dissemination of general information to the platform participants is carried out in the form of a ZVT info sheet. Seminars and workshops are arranged when JIP/JUP/JAPs are required by e.g. EU MoS to disseminate project results and/or interesting results arise. ZVT Communications also includes the internal information spread in, and between, partner groups e.g. quartally reportings.

Zero Vision Communications supports the platform with three specific dissemination kits:

Kit 1: Websites (one for each JIP/JUP/JAP but also the overall ZVT website)

  • Share knowledge

  • Function as a communication platform

  • ZVT hub for other communication channels

Kit 2: Seminars

  • Visualize results

  • Provide consistent updates

  • Serve as a physical meeting place

Kit 3: News feeds

  • Increase the exchange between stakeholders

  • Increase the interest further