Project idea: Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient transport solution for clean petroleum products (CPP) in the Sulphur Emission Control Area. An LNG fueled new-building, lowering Sulphur oxide emissions by 99 per cent, Nitrogen oxide emissions by almost 97 per cent and Particulate matter by over 99 per cent. The newly built ships will also emit 40 per cent lower volumes of CO2 than a conventional tanker today.

A newbuilding on maiden voyage early 2017. Arrives in Almedalen, Visby, July 2017.

Invites stakeholders and public for more information and therefore arranges a 24 hour Almedalen expose. Ship in port with visits onboard, seminars together with agencies, industry stakeholders and NGOs. The theme is maritime export and the climate, the JIP likes to lift the pros with the use of sea transport (slow steaming, new tech, science reports, benefits to society and sea etc).

The theme is based on the facts that;

  • The EU Transport strategy has defined a goal to lift 30% of the land transport to sea or rail by 2030, with 50% by 2050,
  • In Sweden the discussion regarding roadtax is high on the agenda and the Swedish Maritime Strategy is to be implemented,
  • The JIP participants include the third largest exporter in Sweden, shipbuilding that had to be done in China though using Swedish steel, customers and collaborations cross-border (daily life in lot of the maritime transport)

Project members