The project aim is to establish a risk sharing instrument (as a complement to the EIB product for vessels) where industry projects are applicants, and pricing is partly based on the level of societal benefits. 

To reach the vision; zero negative impact and generate benefits to society and sea, ZVT Financial Instrument aims to identify and establish suitable financial support for followers, striving towards a risk sharing fund, when investing in a safer, and more environmentally, climate and energy effective transport at sea.

The initiative started after the reports, made by the Joint Industry and University Projects, JIPs and JUPs, were stating an identified need to continue the transition towards a new normal state where green investments are the natural choice when ports, shipowners, cargo owners and other stakeholders are choosing the sea transport mode.

ZVT purpose of engagement is an increased engagement of stakeholders in achieving the common goal of prosperous transport at sea with zero environmental and climate impact. Including engaging new stakeholders; higher awareness of the public-private partnerships in North & Baltic Sea region that are effective and delivering results, including benefit to the society and the sea. And to gain a common view on a risk sharing solution when implementing a new normal where green investments are the most profitable choice.

Participating organisations: NordeaSwedbankSEKEKNEIBSkeppshypotekZVT.