The Finnish Maritime Cluster started as a two year project (2015-2016) funded by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. In May 2016 they decided to sign a cooperation agreement with ZVT.

FMC is a development project of collaboration network organised by the Finnish Shipowners’ Association, The Finnish Marine Industries, the Finnish Port Association, and the Finnish Port Operators Association.

The Finnish Marine Industries is the co-operation forum for high-technology maritime solution providers, leading marine equipment manufacturers, turn-key suppliers, designers, software and system providers as well as shipbuilding, ship repair and offshore yards. The association promotes its member favourable conditions in industrial and economic policy among the companies. It is a centre of knowledge, furnishing its members, public authorities and the media with the latest relevant information on the marine industry sector in Finland. Currently, the Finnish Marine Industries has approx. 80 member companies.


The Finnish Shipowners’ Association is an interest and employer trade organisation representing Finnish shipowners in industrial and labour market policies. Its members include 27 Finnish shipping companies and approx. 100 ships. The association promotes members’ interests related to maritime policy, labour market, maritime safety, vessel technology, marine environmental protection as well as education and training issues in Finland, in the EU level and in the UN organisation IMO to safeguard the competitiveness and operating conditions of Finnish shipping companies.

The Finnish Port Association is the central organisation for municipal and private ports. The Association is a strong protector of ports' interests and a societal decision-maker in Finland and in the EU. It has 31 members and it influences the operative prerequisites of ports by promoting legislation that takes the special requirements of the ports in account and investments and procedures that enhance the profitability and flow of port-specific transports and reinforcing the expertise of member ports in new operative and administrative challenges.

The Finnish Port Operators Association is a national employers' and lobbying organization representing the interests of stevedoring and terminal services and other materials handling and logistics operators in Finnish ports. The Association's mission is to protect and improve operating conditions in the sector to ensure that its members can conduct their business profitably and can constantly develop their operations. Association has currently 41 member companies operating in 25 different ports.