Pilot Scrubber

 Main objectives

  • Install, test and evaluate a new lightweight scrubber technology in two existing Ro-Ro ships

  • Verify and evaluate the specific port infrastructure and preparatory investments needed for a full scale implementation of the scrubbers

  • Investigate how a financial strategy and mechanism can be established in order to support ship-owners/operators in converting their fleets to new technology, and give recommendations to decision makers on how this mechanism can be formulated and improved

How to resolve the objectives


Scrubber installation on a Ro-Ro vessel (JIP SIC).


  • Investigation of waste handling together with municipalities
  • Risk analysis for loss of competitiveness and for modal back shift


Overview of regulations and guidelines.


A water discharge study will be carried out, but is not included in this application.


Lessons Learned to Followers regarding:

  1. how to effectively run and operate vessels in each Pilot 
  2. an overall financial risk analysis and operational analysis