November 2014

During the Motorways of the Sea Conference in Gothenburg it was revealed that the Commission has reserved a co-funding of 3.6 million Euro to the J

In order to encourage a move towards greener shipping, the Swedish Shipowners' Association, among others, is running a project on the Zero Vision T

JIP LSR  is designing and building one of the first dry cargo vessels with LNG powered propulsion. Watch the project video here.

 JIP LNG CONV will convert an existing vessel to LNG. Watch the new project video here.

JIP Flexi is building a vessel with a fast, efficient and safe bunkering system for LNG bunkering in- and offshore. Watch the new project video her

JIP Scanbunk is developing a hub for LNG bunkering in Scandinavia. Watch the new project video here.

 JIP SSD&B will build and demonstrate a LNG feeder vessel with a new, integrated tank design. Watch the new project video here.

Pilot Scrubber is evaluating, implementing & operating a lightweight scrubber. The project is presented today at the MoS Conference in Gothenbu

The objective of Pilot Methanol is to prove and showcase that methanol is an innovative, safe and sustainable fuel for shipping.

Make a Difference is presenting final results today at the MoS Conference in Gothenburg. Watch the new project video here.

Zero Vision Tool was presented at the annual conference "Oceans and Society" hosted by the Swedish Institute for the Marine Environment.