Baltic Sea Workshop

Zero Vision Tool participates at the IVL Swedish Environmental Reseach Institue's Baltic Sea Workshop on 2 October in Stockholm.

The workshop brings together a range of speakers, including:

Isabella Lövin, member of the European Parliament, who discusses the need for an integrated marine environmental management, which takes into account all types of activities that affect the environment and ecosystems in the Baltic Sea.

Anders Alm, Ministry of the Environment in Sweden, who shows results from the HELCOM collaborations and the steps we need to take next to reach a healthier Baltic Sea.

Paul Merriman, Executive Director WWF Baltic Ecoregion Programme, talks about the possibility of creating a business plan for the Baltic Sea and sustainability development.

Zero Vision Tool will be represented by Carl Carlsson, Swedish Shipowners' Association. At this workshop he will highlight, among other things, the results so far and the lessons learned from the Joint Industry Projects and University Projects that now includes over 100 dedicated organisations from 7 countries. All with an aim to reach an increased transport at sea that can accommodate freigth and passenger volumes, while reducing the risk of accidents as well as emissions to air and discharge in water.