Find out what the platform participants are saying about the Zero Vision Tool collaboration method and the challenges facing the shipping industry. Below the written ones, and for the radio interviews please follow this link; 

Collaboration towards the zero vision

“It’s hugely rewarding to be one of the industry representatives in ZVTREF when so much is happening as regards the environment,” says Anders Klingström, Ports of Sweden.

Shared knowledge benefits all parties

“Research and innovation are essential for high-quality, safe and environmentally-efficient shipping,” says Pia Berglund, CEO of the Swedish Shipowners’ Association (SSA).

A total rethink of the industry

“The shipping industry is undergoing structural change, and since we are a part of that industry, we want to be part of its development,” says Susanne Abrahamsson, CEO of SSPA.

Providing gravity and strength

"The main strength is simply that we share knowledge instead of each searching for our own solution individually," says Katarina Sundvall, Preem.

Allowing access to authorities

"ZVT is of primary importance in order to allow access to all authorities that can impact our project," says Ragnar Johansson, Swedish Orient Line.

We are not environmental bad guys

"No one sees that we perform huge work in transport with, in fact, very little environmental impact," says Lars Höglund, Furetank.

A major environmental benefit

"The biggest benefit of JIP LSR will be the environmental benefit. The sulphur emissions are reduced to almost zero," says Henrik Källsson, Erik Thun AB.

Resolving the emission requirements

"We believe that new regulations will be introduced which will also deal with particle emissions, and we know these are coming in relation to NOx," says Per Stefenson, Stena Teknik.

New regulations can be an advantage

"We have found a new way of working, using our experience to become involved in and contribute to future development instead of having new regulations and directives merely foisted on us," says Jonas Backman, Sirius Shipping.