Meet ZVT at TEN-T DAYS 2016

Zero Vision Tool is exhibiting and participating at the Connecting Europe TEN-T Days in Rotterdam.

Zero Vision Tool (ZVT) participates in the exhibition showcasing their ideas for developing a financial instrument for maritime investments.

The Pilot ZVT Financial Instrument (FI) creates a tool to give the industry willing to go beyond European regulations an opportunity to take an ambitious leap forward. The aim is to design a risk-sharing FI, test it in Sweden and share the results. Significant benefits deriving from the implementation of ZVT FI will be an enhancement of EU’s global competitiveness, environmental and climate performance, as well as energy efficiency. This through, among other things, calculating and monetizing the benefits these investments have to the sea and, not least, the society. So far calculations show an average of € 1 Million per ship and year.

Partners in Greece, through the ESP, will build on the methodology, and introduce sustainable financing and the concept of financial blending for the renewal of the South European Shortsea Shipping fleet. The objective in the south is to unlock funding for new shortsea vessel constructions, in order to comply with the forthcoming EU and IMO environmental requirements and regulations, improve sector competitiveness and employment and at the same time serve European goals for transport and shipping. Significant benefits deriving from the implementation of ESP will be the standardisation of the shipbuilding process and the respective economies of scale.  

Three pilot projects will trial the FI in Sweden, and 6 pilots will prepare for trials in Greece. The Swedish pilots will involve replacement of auxiliary engines with batteries and installation of ballast water treatment systems, and the Greek pilots will involve new LNG ships design and business case preparation for financing.

TEN-T Days Exhibition 2016, June 20th -22nd, will feature an indoor showcase of around 75 different TEN-T, CEF, H2020 and Shift-to-Rail projects and initiatives, benefitting from EU funds. Exhibitors from all over Europe will represent all modes of transport: Water (e.g. Motorways of the Sea, MoS), rail, (e.g. ERTMS), road (e.g. ITS) and air (e.g. SESAR) The exhibition will feature interactive stands showing the latest technologies contributing to European transport infrastructure, research and alternative fuels.

In addition to the indoor exhibition taking place in the Van Nelle Factory, an outdoor display provides the opportunity to view, test and drive 30 innovative vehicles across different technologies, including trucks, trailers, buses and passenger vehicles.

Over 2000 people are expected to take part of this year's exhibition in Rotterdam.

Also during TEN-T Days, on June 22nd, Helén Janson, Strategy & Communications at  ZVT, will be a panellist on the Roundtable on Future Investments in Shipping, at Motorways of the Sea: Towards a Detailed Implementation Plan.